A methodology derived from our experience

Since 1991, Positis has been involved in search and selection of executives and experts, primarily via a direct approach.

We have earned a strong reputation in segments with a technical and legal slant:

  • Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Directors, Patent Attorneys, Contract Lawyers, Trademark Lawyers)
  • Engineering (Business Unit Managers, Project Managers, Contract Managers, Technical Experts).

To help us deliver  in difficult circumstances, i.e. when the target range of the candidates sought is very narrow, we have gradually developed specific methods and a special approach to the relationship with candidates.

This innovative know-how has become the lynchpin of the executive search assignments, an approach that has become indispensable due to the limited number of candidates available, most of them often in high demand.

With, and on behalf of our clients, whether in the industrial or services sector, our work involves:

• Defining the need, pinpointing the required technical and personal skills and drawing up an inventory of strengths in light of the position to be filled and its environment.

• Advising on the most appropriate solution

• Defining one or more targets by demonstrating relevance and creativity

• Conducting a comprehensive identification of candidates by expanding the search throughout Europe whenever necessary

• Raising the interest of candidates by means of a supportive relationship and a realistic presentation of the position and its environment

• Assessing the personal and technical skills required of the profession exercised by the candidate. Combining these skills with the motivations will lead  us to  the likelyhood of success

• Contributing to the success of the recruitment process through  personalised coaching of the candidate and of our client, right up to the end of the induction period.