Professional standards: Clients


When you meet a Positis consultant to discuss a recruitment project, these are the commitments that we make:


Positis undertakes to deploy all the resources needed for the proper conduct of the search and the success of the assignment. These resources are clearly and transparently defined with our clients at the launch of the mission.


Positis carries out the assignment within the agreed deadlines, subject to the availability of candidates and the attractiveness of the offer to the market addressed. It generally takes six weeks (excluding holiday periods) from contract signature to first candidate interviews.


The client agrees to provide all the information necessary to clearly describe the context and demands of the position to be recruited for. Positis employees will not disclose any confidential information that comes to their knowledge in the performance of their duties.


Positis ensures that all parties concerned exercise the utmost discretion, whether the information relates to the candidates or the clients.

     Conflict of interests:

Positis will not take on two similar searches for different customers at the same time. In the same way, Positis does not carry out any outplacement missions, in order to maintain the impartiality necessary for the evaluation of candidates in a recruitment context.

     Promoting our clients, upholding their interests:

Positis will promote and uphold the interests of its clients in communications with third parties.

     Continous improvement:

It is important to Positis to maintain a Quality approach in all aspects of its business, and it seeks continuous improvement in professional conduct


Positis is a signatory of the Syntec Responsible Recruitment Charter.

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