Professional standards: Candidates


When you meet a POSITIS consultant to discuss a potential career move, this is the commitment that Positis makes to you:


The information you give us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We will only share it with our client with your permission.

 We will not disclose the fact that you have had a meeting with us either to your current employer or to anyone in your professional circle.

      Evaluation process

Our evaluation will focus only on the match between your profile and the requirements of the vacancy to be filled. The match will be assessed by exploring your professional background, your technical and interpersonal skills, your motivations and any constraints you may have. By being natural and genuine, you will help the consultant, and therefore yourself, to ensure that the job opportunity is relevant to you.


The information provided by the consultant will give you an understanding  both of the vacancy and of the recruiting company. Do not hesitate to put your questions to the consultant, if the answers are not immediately available, he or she will come back to you later. Note that the quality of the questions you ask is always taken into account in an assessment and this could work in your favor.


Feedback after the evaluation can be provided orally, at your request. It focuses on the evaluation criteria used in the interview as well as additional tools that may be used by Positis. This feedback from an external perspective is an opportunity both for personal development, and also to benefit from the advice of a recruitment professional. References are taken up with your oral or written consent after the interview with the consultant. References are not sought from your current employer unless otherwise agreed, and are limited to an assessment relevant to the requirements of the position being recruited for.


You will be briefed on the structure and planning of the recruitment process and kept informed of how far along the recruiting organisation is in its decision process. You will always receive an answer to your application, whether positive or negative, either orally or in writing.


After you have met our client we serve as a facilitator between you and the company. We compare feedback from the interviews held on both sides and make sure that any misunderstandings that arise are cleared up so that each side can reach a decision with full knowledge of the facts.


      Induction period:

If you are the chosen candidate, we will keep track of your progress during your trial period by contacting you either orally or in writing; this will help you settle in to your new position and employer.

      Equal opportunities:

To fight discrimination, Positis has signed the charter of the  Défenseur des Droits.

Positis is also signatory of the Chartre du Recrutement Responsable of the Syntec Conseil en Recrutement.

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