Our approach

Career Coaching

The Positis consultants coach the company’s employees at different points in their careers.

Several approaches are proposed depending on the objective pursued:

• A person-centred coaching aims to resolve situations of doubt or crisis occurring in the workplace.

The consultant helps the person pinpoint what is putting a brake on their personal dynamics. This is done through dialogue, adapted to each case, leading to a clarification and therefore a greater professional but also personal well-being.

• The second approach aims to steer the individual towards a change of behaviour. In this case in point, coaching takes on a tripartite character between the company, the coach and the coachee. It allows the coachees to find their own solutions and to implement them in their daily lives.

At the end of this coaching process, the coachees have acquired new behaviours that make them more confident and efficient. They have taken on board the change mechanism and are capable of replicating it in other situations.