Individual coaching



POSITIS coaches managers needing to successfully navigate a key stage in their career development.

  • Prepare for a promotion.
  • Boost or improve managerial skills.
  • Modify behaviour in order to improve their image.
  • Negotiate a career pause in the context of business needs.

Coaching involves time spent in personal reflection, punctuated by one-to-one meetings.

Group coaching



POSITIS is convinced that to be successful today a company has to harness individual performance and group co-operation.

Positis believes in going  beyond simply using established business practice, numbers, or processes in isolation. It helps to rediscover the added value that relationships and co-operation within and between teams can bring.

POSITIS alternates one-to-one and group coaching for teams formed for example:

Our teaching approach



Taking part in a Positis training course means building your personal deveopment capital:

• Identifying skills and getting these recognised appropriately.

• becoming aware of areas for improvement and putting this into practice.

• finding opportunities to blossom.

• learning to turn doubt into a positive driver.

• translating theoretical knowledge into everyday  behaviour.


The main focus of Positis is on in-company training.

Positis trainers have on-the-ground relevant experience.