POSITIS, over 25 years of experience


POSITIS was founded in 1992 by partners Anne-Marie Pasquet-Paoli and Etienne Deroure, after respective corporate experience in Human Resources development and Recruitment. The combination has created an approach to consulting that puts the human factor at the heart of all the projects they take on, both:

  • Individually - each of us needs to build our own future using our own skills and initiative; and
  • Collectively - the quality of our relationships with others makes all the difference.

Our business? Recruitment, Training in Self-Management and People Management, and Individual or Group Coaching.

We prefer working on a human scale, tailoring our services to the needs of our clients and working hand in hand with them.

Our team is made up of senior consultants with an appropriate level of expertise, who can draw on their experience to provide practical responses to meet the needs of our clients.

We deliver our service wherever our clients (major industrial and service groups) are located, often internationally.

We believe in :

  • being friendly but honest, an approach that leads to lasting relationships with our clients.
  • being optimistic – this injects the energy for action.